James Mayrand

I left Seattle back in the early 2000’s to pursue a slower-paced life and to truly enjoy my work. I started my construction and maintenance career as a facilities manager in Seattle in the 90’s. Upon moving to Montana, I worked for a property management and maintenance company as a maintenance engineer. In early 2009, I formed Flathead Home Repair so that I could better serve my clients on their own terms. As the business has evolved, I have grown to specialize in custom tilework, radiant-heat floors, kitchens and bathrooms. I partner with a master cabinetry professional to produce top-of-the-line, high-end custom projects.

In 2018, I’ve added FLIR Thermal Imaging to my portfolio. With this technology, clients have a sort of “x-ray vision”, where what’s going on inside wall cavities, rooflines and electrical areas becomes visible. Thermal Imaging allows the unseen to be seen, explained and repaired if necessary.